Alex Preston
Graphic Designer - Photographer
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Some things I've made
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A bit about me

I am a designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy skating, drawing, photography, making and listening to heaps of music. I once jumped off the roof of my cubby house with only an umbrella and managed to pull it off without breaking any bones. I am fluent in Japanese, and have lived in the Kanagawa Prefecture for about a year and a half. I don't really like super spicy food, but agree that it is alright every now and then, but only if there is plenty of water nearby. I want to travel around the world, especially to Europe and South America. My favourite colour is blue (if you hadn't guessed from the website) and my favourite food is Calbee Pizza Potato Chips.

I love solving design and communication problems and have a lot of experience in doing so. I've created a diverse range of visual communication solutions such as websites, advertisments, magazines, posters, logos, maps, book covers and many more. My favourite projects are featured in my portfolio above.

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